“It was once the most important and impressive structure in Olympia,” Felix told the MysticBeast Mau.
“But today, it stands in ruins in central Athens,” Orak was quick to add.
The Gifted Four like to explore the famous landmarks of the world in Orak’s Tempus Machine. Today, they decided to visit Greece. Orak’s first stop was at the Temple of Olympian Zeus.
“Did you know that this temple had the statue of one of the Greek Gods, Zeus, and it was also one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?” Verum spoke in awe. The Gifted Four stood there looking at the largest temple in Greece.
“What happened to the statue,” Mau whispered in Felix’s ears. Felix asked Verum.
“Well, it has been missing and it is believed that maybe it is destroyed,” Verum said.
“It took almost seven centuries to complete this temple. What remains are the huge pillars now. Built between 470 BC and 456 BC, it had six columns at the ends and 13 columns along both sides,” marveled Orak.