On the morning of November 15, everything was normal. It was like any other day. Orak was reading a book. Scorch was practicing with her fireballs. Felix was going to the garden. Suddenly, everything changed. Verum’s crystal ball hummed and beeped loudly: Attention! World population at EIGHT BILLION.
Verum gasped. She announced the news to her friends, “There are eight billion humans in the world right now!”
“Eight. Billion. People?!” Scorch screeched, “That’s a huge number!”
“It is!” Verum said.
“1, 2, 3, 4…,” Felix started counting, “40…50…100… 1,000…. Phew, I cannot count further. Verum, how many zeroes in a billion?” Felix panted, “It will take me years to count to eight billion (bn). Who counted sooooooo many people in the world?”
“We have the United Nations (UN) to thank for that, Felix. The UN is the world’s largest international organization. It maintains peace and security in the world!” Verum said.
“Which is the most populous country in the world,” asked Scorch.
“China. But the UN has said that India will beat China soon,” informed Verum.
“There are so many humans in the world. They all belong to different cultures, religions, and races. And they live together on planet Earth. Isn’t that awesome?” Orak said with a shine in his eyes.
“Yes, but…,” Felix cautioned, “we should also think about the environment. More people mean the planet will need more water, food, clothes, and shelter. Humans should take care of the environment and keep it safe.”
“That’s true,” Verum agreed.
“But first, we should celebrate this diversity!” Scorch was always ready to party.
“Yes!” The Mysticals cheered and clapped.