“What an eventful day,” Orak said and stretched as he was tired.
Orak had just returned from attending the Cop27 conference.
“What was so eventful about today?” Verum’s head popped around a pillar. Felix and Scorch were there too. They were all waiting for Orak.
Orak smiled, “I was at Cop27. It stands for the Conference of Parties organized by the United Nations (UN). This year it was held in Egypt from 6 to 18 November. Different countries attended this conference to discuss and resolve climate issues.
“What have these countries decided to tackle climate change,” asked Felix.
“Well, they came up with a fund system but they could not promise that they can bring down global warming,” Orak summed up.
“Please explain,” Scorch did not understand.
“Our planet is heating up more and more every passing year. It is very harmful to humans and animals. This heating up is called global warming. The main goal of Cop27 is to either slow down or stop global warming.
Climate scientists have said the global temperature should only rise by 1.5 degree Celsius by the year 2100. If we don’t meet this target, then it will be difficult to live on Planet Earth,” explained Orak.
“Oh no,” Scorch said in dismay.
“But, at Cop27, not all countries could say for sure that they can stick to the 1.5-degree Celsius target.
“That’s sad,” Felix sighed.
“However, the world now has a new fund (a sum of money). This fund will be used to help countries hit by climate disasters such as floods, storms, drought, etc.,” Orak informed.
“That’s great news!” Verum declared.
“And that’s how the Cop27 this year came concluded,” Orak said.