Felix entered the dorm room with a basket full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Verum, Scorch, and Orak gathered around him.

“It’s fresh from my garden!” Felix proudly announced.

Verum and Orak wasted no time. They each popped cherry tomatoes into their mouth. Scorch took a bite out of a cucumber.

“Felix,” Orak said, “these are delicious!”

“And nutritious!” Verum added. Felix grinned proudly.

“More and more people in this world need such fresh, healthy, and nutritious food. Humanity is facing a health crisis and food is the problem,” Scorch said.

“How is food the problem?” Verum said.

“Millions of people do not have enough food to eat. They suffer from malnutrition. Malnutrition is the result of not having enough food to eat or not having enough food with nutrition. On the other hand, many people have plenty of food. But the food is poor in quality and nutrients. It leads to obesity. Obesity is an excessive amount of fat on the body,” Scorch explained.

“What’s the solution for a healthier human race?” Orak said.

“One solution is to see food for its nutritional value,” Scorch said.

“But, as you said earlier, not everyone can get nutrition-rich food,” Felix said.

Scorch nodded, “People are running different programs to change the situation. In Brazil, most communities do not have access to fresh and healthy groceries. The situation became even worse due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So, Campo Favela Project came up with an innovative solution. They connected local farmers directly with the communities. Now, 19 cities in Brazil have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.”

“What are other such initiatives?” Orak said.

“Biochemical engineer David Edwards is creating a new kind of food. He is creating artificial fruits – food berries. Food berries are plant-based food contained in an edible cover. It is packed with nutritions!” Scorch said.

“Okay, it sounds delicious,” Verum said.

“In Africa, people mostly eat staple food and cereals. But they don’t have enough nutrients in them. So, Howdy Bouis’ Harvest Plus Project is trying to load more nutrients in the staples. They have created 400 new varieties of rice, wheat, bananas, potatoes, etc. crops,” Scorch said.

“The journey for healthy and nutritious food for all has just begun!” Scorch concluded.