Scorch rushed inside the dorm room with four brooms and cried out, “Mysticals, let’s clean up our house.”
“Where did you get this sudden enthusiasm, Scorch?” Felix asked with curiosity.
Scorch replied excitedly, “FIFA World Cup match between Japan and Costa Rica!”
“I watched the full game. Costa Rica defeated Japan, right?” Orak commented.
“Yes, they did,” Scorch continued, “But what happened after the match is what everyone is talking about. The Japanese fans came together and started cleaning the stadium!”
Verum hopped in saying, “Really? That’s amazing!”
Scorch sat up straight and explained, “The Japanese spectators put the waste thrown by fellow spectators in bags. The photos and videos of the Japanese fans cleaning the stadium went viral on social media.”
“Splendid. Was this pre-decided,” asked Orak.
“No. In Japan, cleanliness is super important. Japanese people learn about it in schools and at home. Their guardians are very strict when it comes to keeping the surroundings neat and clean,” informed Scorch.
Orak chipped in, “I adore their cleaning habit.”
Scorch added to Orak’s comment, “Not just the fans, even the Japan football team received praise for its cleanliness. I saw a social media post that showed the team keeping their locker room clean.”
“I’ve heard about Japan’s cleanliness, too,” Verum added, “They have a motto of leaving a place cleaner than before.”
Felix flapped his wings and exclaimed, “Wow! I wish all people become like them and promote cleanliness in our world.”