It was a lovely morning in MysticLand. The four Mysticals decided to go on a ride in Orak’s Tempus Machine. They flew around the world and saw beautiful countries. But when the Mysticals reached Hawaii, they were shocked. The sky was dark red. Hot gases and lava (hot and liquid rock) were coming out from a mountain!

“It’s a volcano!” Orak gasped.

Verum’s crystal ball started to glow in bright red and was giving out small puffs of smoke, “The world’s largest active volcano, Mauna Loa, has erupted after 38 long years!” Verum said.

“Mauna Loa is a big mountain in Hawaii, United States (US). Hawaii is made up of many small and big islands,” Orak added to help Felix and Scorch understand the situation better.

“Mauna Loa looks so scary,” Felix shivered in fear.

“Oh! Let me take the Tempus Machine far away from the volcano,” Orak turned the control wheel and parked it in the air many miles away. As the Mysticals kept their gaze firm on the erupting volcano, Orak added in a calm voice, “Felix, if you learn more about volcanoes, you won’t find them scary at all!” He started talking about volcanoes with excitement.

“A volcano is an opening in the surface of the Earth. This opening is usually found in the mountains. When a volcano erupts, hot gases, hot ash, and even hotter lava are thrown out from deep inside the Earth to the surface.

Lava is a hot liquid rock that flows out of the mountain. It makes volcanoes active. If there’s no lava in the volcano for thousands of years, it is considered to be dead or extinct,” Orak said.

“I had no idea there was so much happening inside a volcano!” Scorch said.