“Welcome! Welcome! To one of the most spectacular distinctive sights of the Swiss Alps!” Scorch was yelling at the top of her voice, “Welcome! Welcome! To one of the important peaks and Jungfraujoch…aaaahhh….aahhh!” Felix stood there looking a little clueless at Scorch’s welcome note to all the tourists as the humans couldn’t hear her.

The Gifted Four were visiting a beautiful train station in Switzerland. The station is tucked between Jungfrau Mountain and Mönch Mountain.

“Scorch is truly enjoying the view,” Orak chuckled.

“Yes, and I am not sure why she should be so happy being at such a cold place when she’s made of fire. Also, we are in hiding, we always hide in the human world. Did she forget that?” Felix spoke with the same cluelessness.

“That was fun!” Scorch came back to her friends, who were seated nearby, waiting for the train to arrive.

“Hey, Scorch, do you know that this is known as the ‘Top of Europe’?” said Verum.

“Had to be! I overheard a human tourist say that we are right now at the highest train station on the European continent,” replied Scorch.

“Yes,” Felix said in a low voice, “It is at 3,454 meters. Its name means ‘maiden saddle’ in German. And I am freezing, please take me home!”

Scorch laughed and made a ball of fire. She put it in Felix’s pockets and told him, “In a few seconds, you’ll feel warm and alright!”