“We’re at the Amun Temple Enclosure!” said Orak in excitement. He had been waiting eagerly to visit this site in Egypt.

“Amun-Ra was the God of Karnak (Luxor). When the princes of Thebes ruled over Egypt, Amun-Ra became the ultimate state god with a temple that showed his status. At the height of its power, the temple owned 65 cities, 276,400 hectares of agricultural land, 83 ships, and 81,000 employees making sure that the above stayed in good shape,” read Orak from his travel book.

“Everything is built on such a mammoth scale here!” said Scorch, “Look at the giant decorated pillars, kiosk, and statues.”

“What are those?” asked Felix, pointing at a line of statues.

“That’s the avenue of ram-headed sphinxes. They once connected the temples of Karnak and Luxor,” said Orak.

“I can’t believe everything here was built thousands of years ago,” said Verum.

The four Mysticals explored every corner of the temple complex with great curiosity.