On a particularly warm morning, Verum’s crystal ball pinged. “It’s time,” Verum said and ran to pick up her crystal ball.

“It’s time for what?” Orak said.

“It’s May 6. It is time for the coronation of King Charles III,” Verum said. “King Charles III is the new monarch of the United Kingdom. He is 73 years old.”

“Oh, today is the day!” Felix said in excitement. The four Mysticals gathered to watch the ceremony on Verum’s crystal ball. Verum had projected it for everyone to see.

“Where is the ceremony?” Scorch said.

“Westminster Abbey in London,” Verum answered.

“Tell us more about King Charles, Verum,” Orak begged.

Verum began speaking, “King Charles III was born at Buckingham Palace on November 14, 1948. He was four years old when his mother was crowned Queen Elizabeth II. He was named the heir apparent to the throne. He was also given the title Prince of Wales.

King Charles III became the new monarch after Queen Elizabeth II passed away last year. He is the 40th monarch to be crowned at Westminster Abbey. It was the first coronation ceremony in 70 long years.”

“Wow, that is a long time,” Scorch commented.

“King Charles III was crowned in a religious ceremony. His wife, Queen Camilla, was crowned beside him,” Verum said, “Royals and celebrities from all over the world were invited for the coronation. Thousands of supporters gathered on London’s streets for a glance of the new King and Queen.”

“Lovely,” Felix remarked.