Verum, Scorch and Felix were sitting in the MysticCafe when they heard a familiar sound. “Can you hear this sound? It is exactly like the beeping of Orak’s Tempus Machine.” Verum said.

“Let’s go outside,” Scorch stood up.

Orak was getting out of his Tempus Machine, smiling widely, he said “An exciting discovery has been made on Mars and I have returned to take you three to Mars!

Remember, I told you about China landing its rover named Zhurong, on Mars in 2021?”

The other three nodded.

“This rover has found evidence of the presence of liquid salt water on Mars. This is the first time such a discovery has been made,” Orak hopped back on his driver’s seat and started his Tempus Machine. He asked his friends to get in.

“Woah, that’s a significant discovery! I thought only our Planet Earth had liquid water,” Verum said.

“The search for water on Mars has been on for a while now. And now, evidence suggests other planets, especially Mars, had it too. The Chinese Zhurong Martian rover’s findings of the salty liquid water droplets have got the team intrigued. The study team say at least around 4,00,000 years ago, the Red Planet would have had snow and frost.

Scientists say this discovery indicates that when the earliest humans were walking on our Planet Earth around 3,00,000 years ago, water was flowing on Mars around the same time,” Orak shared.

“This is indeed fascinating! I want to see this evidence! Are we going to Mars, Orak?” Verum was just as happy and intrigued as the scientists.

“Yes!” Orak said happily and the Tempus Machine flew the Gifted Four to Mars.