“This is super cool!” remarked Scorch as she entered the kitchen for her chocolate shake. Felix heard it and said, “I’m having a rough day, Scorch! Nothing is super cool here.”

Scorch, patting Felix on his shoulders, said, “I have just the news to cheer you up. Sweden is set to become the first nation in the world to get a fully functional ‘charging’ road that will charge the batteries of…”

Felix sighed and interrupted, “I need to recharge my energy levels too. Take me to Sweden!”

“It’s not that kind of charge, silly pixie,” retorted Scorch, “The roads will charge heavy electric vehicles (EV) while they are on the move. This project will be implemented on E-20 (E stands for Europe). The E-20 road connects Sweden’s three major cities, Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Malmö.

Basically, the EVs run on batteries and the batteries need to be charged to run for longer periods. There are special charging stations for EVs. But, with this plan, instead of finding a charging station and taking a halt to charge the vehicle, the EVs will get charged while running on the E-20 road.

The construction is planned to commence only by 2025.”

“I see,” Felix was now taking little interest, “What methods are they looking at?”

“Well, earlier, overhead wires or mounted arms were used to charge the vehicle along the way. But drivers can’t reach the wires or afford the mountable arms.

The option that’s left with them is to build a wireless charging system that will run beneath the lanes to charge the electric vehicles.”

“That’s doable and brilliant!” said a now fully-charged Felix.

Scorch was happy that the news pumped her friend with energy!