“You will not believe the news I just received from Moxi, the MysticBeast,” Felix pranced like sunshine into the Wiggle-House Cafe, where Orak, Scorch and Verum were already seated.

Verum stood up in excitement, “A new species was discovered?”

“Researchers at Northwestern University in the United States (US) wanted to see if animals have any positive reaction to video calls. They picked parrots for this experiment!

Not only did the study show that parrots loved video calls, but they even initiated and stayed on the calls for a long time. The experiment revealed that the parrots were positively happy after the calls! Isn’t that crazy?” Felix shared.

“I am speechless! Parrots are interacting with other parrots over video calls? It truly is a golden age,” Orak said.

“But how are the parrots making video calls? They are intelligent birds that can imitate human sounds, but isn’t using technology a bit too much?” Verum interrupted.

“The pet owners help them. With time, the owners made the parrots familiar with what button they should press to start a video call. You know the parrots could also pick the parrot they wanted to speak to,” Felix smiled in amusement.

Scorch jumped and stated, “I am so happy now technology is connecting even birds! This is phenomenal!”