“Manchester City is on the verge of achieving the treble,” shouted Scorch.

“Scorch! We will be thrown out of the library,” Felix spoke in a hushed voice, “What happened?”

“Manchester City is a football club in the United Kingdom (UK),” Scorch started to explain, “Many games occur around the year between different football clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Man United, Inter Milan, Everton, Liverpool etc. Premier League, FA Cup Finals, and Champions League games are happening simultaneously.

Manchester City is one step away from winning the title in the Premier League. They will win the tournament if they beat Chelsea this Sunday.

Similarly, in the FA Cup final, Manchester City will face Manchester United for the title on June 3.

Also, Manchester City will face Inter Milan for the Champions League Trophy on June 11.”

“That is wonderful! Manchester City is on fire this year. But you used another word… terrible? Pebble? What is that?” inquired Felix.

Scorch laughed and corrected Felix, “It’s treble! It is a football term used when a club wins three trophies continuously in one season. Manchester City is on the brink of achieving a treble! If they achieve this feat, then they will create history!

The club’s manager, Pep Guardiola, said after overcoming the painful season last year where they lost in the semi-final, things have finally worked in their favour.

However, they face tough competition from Real Madrid. These two teams are currently the best in Europe. We will have to wait and watch if Manchester City can get the coveted treble win this year.”

“I’m happy to see Manchester City players come back stronger! I’m rooting for the best team to win,” said Felix.