“Misir Carsisi,” said Scorch reading aloud from a board outside what seemed like a market.

“I want to buy the blue Turkish eye for our dorm room at MysticLand Elementia School,” she said, leading the group inside. They were not prepared for what came next!

“So many colours! Are you smelling this? Where are we?” asked an over-excited Felix, flying over mounds of colourful stuff. Verum looked into her crystal ball to find out more.

“We are at the Istanbul spice market. Everything we see here is spices the Turks use in their cooking. Look out for something called Turkish Delight. It’s a sugary, chewy, nutty, tasty sweet,” said Verum.

“This market was built in 1664. It is also called the Turkish bazaar,” said Orak reading from his The Book of Everything.

“I have never really seen spices stacked up in baskets like this. It’s so colourful and aromatic. If this is what they used to cook their food with, we need to eat Turkish food immediately,” said Scorch.

“Just next door is the Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest bazaars in the world. It has over 4,000 shops. Scorch, you will get the Turkish eye and even an authentic Turkish carpet there,” said Verum as the Mysticals roamed the magnificent arched spice market.