Felix shouted, “Scorch, why did you burn one of my favorite plants?”

Scorch held her face low and said, “I’m sorry, Felix. Seeing the news about Australian women creating history in cricket, I got excited and shot a fireball, but it landed on one of your plants.”

Verum asked, “What history did the Australian women players create?”

“Australia won the ICC Twenty20 World Cup for a record sixth time this year. ICC stands for International Cricket Council. The World Cup was held in South Africa and concluded a week ago. Ten countries participated in this tournament,” Scorch paused as Verum raised her hand, suggesting she had a query.

“Twenty20 means the game has 20 overs, right?” said Verum, asking, “Which team did Australia defeat in the finale?”

“Yes, it is a 20-over game,” Scorch nodded a yes, adding, “Australia defeated South Africa, which fell short of 19 runs.”

“How often does a women’s T20 World Cup occur,” asked Felix.

Scorch replied, “The women’s T20 World Cup happens once in two years.”

Felix asked, “What will you do about my burnt plant?”

Scorch smiled sheepishly and said, “I will use Mystical magic to fix it!” Felix smiled.