The Gifted Four were setting out some water and grains for birds. Summer was fast approaching and Felix prompted everyone to help the birds. A pigeon flew at Scorch and started eating grain out of the bowl in her hand.

“Woah! This one has no patience,” Scorch giggled.

“Or she is super smart and does not want to wait for her turn when other birds come eating,” Orak laughed.

“That might actually be true, Orak. In a new study by the University of Iowa in the United States, pigeons were found to be as smart as artificial intelligence,” Felix shared.

“Artificial intelligence?” Verum scratched her jaw in confusion.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is the imitation of human intelligence by machines. This is especially true for complicated computer systems humans have developed recently,” Orak, the techie, was happy to answer.

“The computer systems sound super advanced. Are we sure these innocent birdies are that smart,” Scorch asked, now befriending the grain thief.

“Yes! The pigeons in this study were given problems that are based on memory. Surprisingly, they could memorize patterns and pass tests around 70% of the time in all the trails,” Felix affirmed.

“Well, then, this one deserves some early-bird grain feast,” Scorch smiled and petted the stray pigeon.