Felix ran to Scorch saying, “Scorch, I saw a picture on the internet of a huge dump yard filled with many batteries. Can’t they be used at all anymore?”

Scorch patted Felix and said, “What a coincidence! I was going to tell you the latest news about batteries. A startup called B2U Storage Solutions has devised an idea to reuse old batteries to store energy.”

“How is that possible?” asked Felix.

“I wondered so, too. But this company in the state of California in the United States took the used car batteries (1,200 packs) from Toyota and Honda Electric Vehicles (EVs). It used these batteries to store excess solar and wind energy.

They sold this renewable energy to the Californian power system. It is believed to reduce the storage costs by 40% throughout California.”

“That is amazing! What are their future plans?” asked Felix.

Scorch said, “It plans on getting more than one million batteries for reuse over the next 10 years. Instead of uselessly staying in landfills, these batteries can now be used to store excess solar and wind energy.”

“How cool! This is such a smart way to reuse and recycle!” exclaimed Felix.

“Yes, it is!” agreed Scorch and went straight outside without looking back.