Orak took the Gifted Four on yet another science adventure. “It is so strange that humans can’t see us any time we enter the human world,” Verum said.

Orak smiled and said, “Do you think they know we exist?” he prompted.

Scorch’s eyes grew wide, “They don’t know us?”

“Humans are intelligent beings. They keep checking the universe to find signs of life outside their world. They call life that exists outside Planet Earth Extraterrestrial Life, or ET.

Only recently, astronomers at the University of Toronto in Canada picked up on eight mysterious radio signals. The nature of these signals tells them that they could be coming from aliens. Aliens are sending messages with technology more advanced than their own,” Orak shared.

“Woah!!! That’s unbelievable. How and where did they find these,” Felix was jumping positively.

“Several researchers collaborated and used modern technology to find these very faint signals from tons of data. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

The signals were sourced to areas surrounding five stars that are between 30 to 90 light years away from Earth,” Orak explained.

“Amazing!!! If they keep going in this direction, I don’t think we can hide much longer,” Scorch winked.

“I would love nothing but to say hi to these extremely adorable humans if that happens,” Verum said.