“Pack up fast, we are headed to the water-loving city of San Diego in California, United States!” Orak said as he dragged the Tempus Machine out of its den. Verum smiled proudly as she was already packed to go.

“You said we are going to see a foal (young horse), right? What do foals like to eat,” Scorch asked Felix. She wanted to pack some food for the foal.

“No carrying food, we can’t feed the foal – it’s not in the wild. We are going to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. An extremely rare critically-endangered horse was born there recently,” Felix informed.

“Horses are so common on Earth. What is so special about this young one,” Orak asked.

“It is called Przewalski’s Horse. This species of a wild horse was categorized as Extinct in the Wild until 1996. The foal is the first Przewalski horse born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park since 2014. It is one of only four individuals born in North America over the past year,” Felix said, beaming.

“That’s fascinating! I can’t wait to see the foal now! Pack up faster” Verum jumped.

“The Tempus Machine is ready too,” Orak smiled. The Gifted Four soon left and had a magical time at the Zoo. They looked at the foal and the other beautiful animals at the Zoo.