The Gifted Four were getting ready to visit a MysticLand music concert. Verum and Scorch were trying out fancy outfits for the show. She used yet another magic spell to change her robes. “Is this better,” she turned to Orak, Felix, and Scorch.

“This is the fifth outfit. What happens to all these now,” Felix replied as he picked up the four outfits around.

“I have heard humans keep them in the wardrobe,” Verum replied.

“And, that’s wrong,” Orak promptly shrugged his shoulders, “It’s not a good practice. When we keep the clothes we own unused and buy new clothes, we add to the global clothes wastage problem.”

The other three Mysticals were surprised to learn about clothes wastage.

“But, thankfully, humans are now mindful of this, thanks to technology,” Orak lit up, “There is an app called Save Your Wardrobe. A conscious and innovative woman launched the app in 2020.

Humans can scan their clothes with this app. The clothes are identified and stored virtually. Then the app can remind you of everything you own, with the hope of getting unworn clothes back into use. It also connects people to local services such as dry cleaners, places where they can donate no longer wanted items, and repair shops to extend the life of their garments.”

“That’s amazing! How many people have this app,” Scorch asked.

“Last I heard, it had over 100,000 downloads,” Orak said.

“I am so glad humans are using their technology so well. Minimizing waste also helps the environment,” Felix happily pointed out.

Verum took a deep breath, “Okay! If humans can be so conscious without magic, then I will not exploit my power. I’m ready. Let’s go!”

The Gifted Four happily stepped out.