The Mysticals were at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean inside Orak’s Tempus Machine. Verum started, “Mysticals, Marie Tharp, a cartographer (one who draws maps), discovered plate tectonics on this ocean floor that we see here.”
“What is plate tectonics?” asked Felix.

“Plate tectonics is a scientific theory on the division of Earth’s rocks. It is believed that Earth was molten material. Cracks formed as the material dried through the Sun, forming mountains and ocean basins.

Tharp wanted to prove scientifically how each continent moved and became separate.”

“How did Tharp accomplish this?” asked Scorch.

“Tharp used their team’s sonar measurements and put together a map. When all these maps were combined, it proved strongly that the Pangea (one entire continent) split separately.”

“People might have opposed this idea, right? How did she defend herself?” inquired Scorch.

“Her colleague was noting the volcanic eruption points on Earth. When both the maps were combined, they matched perfectly! It silenced the opposition.

Tharp was awarded the Mary Sears Woman Pioneer in Oceanography Award for her brilliant discovery in 1999,” said Verum as they swam past a huge whale.