On a chilly evening in MysticLand, Orak, Verum, Felix and Scorch were taking a stroll outside their dorm room. Orak shivered a little and said, “Sometimes I wish I was made of fire, just like Scorch. She can hardly feel this bitter cold.”

“Oh! Really,” exclaimed Scorch.

“But Orak, for the cold, you could just wrap your cape around yourself and make it thicker with magic,” Verum said.

“This reminds me of Patagonia’s 83-year-old founder Yvon Chouinard, who donated the entire worth of his company to charity,” said Felix.

“Patagonia, the clothing company,” asked Orak.

“Yes. It is a clothing company based in California, United States (US). It mainly sells jackets. Chouinard recently donated $3 billion from his company to fight climate change,” informed Felix.

“Woah! That is amazing. How will it be used,” Scorch asked.

“He wishes to use this money for projects that protect habitat and biodiversity, and fight the environmental crisis,” said Felix.

“What a wonderful plan to protect and preserve the environment. I remember this company being in the news earlier. It has been donating 1% of its profits every year since 2001,” said Verum.

“That’s true, Verum. Those profits have contributed about $ 140 million towards projects that protect and restore vulnerable ecosystems. People like Chouinard are perfect examples of commitment to a cause,” Felix said.

Orak, Scorch and Verum nodded happily in agreement.