“And the chess cheating row continues…,” said Scorch.
“What do you mean? Did someone cheat in a chess game?” Orak said.
“Maybe,” Scorch said, unsure, “Let me tell you what happened.
The Sinquefield Cup is a chess tournament. It was held in September. In the third round of the tournament, Magnus Carlsen and Hans Niemann were playing against each other. Niemann won the game.
Carlsen is one of the top chess players. He has won many chess matches and tournaments without losing a game. It’s what makes him the world chess champion!
Niemann is a young chess player from America. He was the lowest-ranked player in the tournament.”
The Mysticals were about to cheer for Niemann when Scorch said, “Not so soon. After the round, Carlsen withdrew from the tournament. He doubted Niemann of cheating during the game.”
“Whaaaaaaat?” Verum screeched.
“A few days later, a report came out. It said that Niemann allegedly (hasn’t been proved) cheated in more than 100 online games,” Scorch said.
“What did Niemann say?” Orak said.
“Niemann accepted that he had cheated online twice. But he had never cheated during an offline chess match,” Scorch said.
Scorch added, “Cheating in chess has become easy due to smartphones. Chess apps are smarter than even the top chess players! Hence, the use of phones is banned during a chess match.”