“This city hall was opened in 1913, after being under construction for 12 years,” marveled Scorch. This week, the Mysticals traveled in Orak’s Tempus Machine to Germany.
“Welcome to the New Town Hall or the New City Hall in Hanover, Mysticals,” said Orak, as he jumped out of the machine after parking it.
“It’s magnificent. If it was opened in 1913 then it means that this building is 100 years old,” said Scorch.
“Yes, Scorch. How smart and quick that calculation was! But do you know that this castle-like building was once damaged,” said Verum.
“No! When was that?” said Felix.
“During World War II. Today, it is known for its dome, which is at a height of 97.73 m (320.6 ft),” replied Verum.
“And the dome’s lift,” added Orak, “It is a unique lift in Europe that follows the arch of the dome, unlike the one in the Eiffel Tower which goes straight up.”
“It is also known as the New Town Hall and thanks to its beauty, it is voted as one of the top German destinations,” added Verum.
As Felix and Scorch marveled at yet another human world’s splendid structure, Orak said, “Today, the head of the city administration’s office is here.”