“Switzerland is coming up with a new mode of freight transport and it’s going to be underground!” Scorch declared. “Freight transport is goods carried from one place to another by ship, lorry, aircraft, train, etc.”
“Nice idea! Tell the details,” Orak said.
“Switzerland has planned an automated tunnel network. It consists of a self-charging rail system that will be used to send cargo (goods carried by ship, aircraft, or another vehicle) in shipping pods. There will also be tracks on the ceilings for transporting smaller parcels. It is called Cargo Sous Terrain (CST) or Underground Cargo project,” Scorch said.
Verum said, “Why are they building an underground system though?”
“It aims to reduce the cargo transport traffic. The underground system will be able to take 40% of all cargo traffic off the roadways!” Scorch answered.
“How long will the underground tunnels be?” Felix said.
“In total, the project will be 310 miles (500 km) of tunnels. It will connect all the Swiss cantons. Cantons are the member states of the Swiss Confederation. Switzerland has 26 cantons. Each canton will deal with the project as they wish. The project initially will begin between Zurich and Härkingen/Niederbipp,” Scorch replied.
“It’s fascinating! I can already imagine the tunnels, the large elevators, the pods, whoa!” said Orak.
“What’s even more exciting is – and Felix, you will be happy to know – the project will run on renewable energy!”
“That’s awesome,” Felix said, “Renewable energy is energy from resources that don’t run out. For example, wind, water, and sun. It is also known as clean energy as it doesn’t pollute the environment.”
Scorch said, “The government is not using public money for the project. The project already has $100 million. It will soon need an investment of $35 billion to finish the project by 2045.”
“I am excited to see how it all works out!” Verum said.