Scorch was flipping through Orak’s travel book to learn more about Finland.
Suddenly she screamed, “No way! A snow castle!!!” Verum and Orak rushed in to find out why Scorch screamed. Then Scorch held the book up and showed them the page which had a photo of a snow castle.
Verum smiled and said, “That’s Lumilinna, the snow castle of Kemi. It is a Lapland winter highlight!” Excited to see it, the Mysticals went to Kemi.
On seeing the castle, Felix wondered, “Wouldn’t the snow castle melt after winter is over?”
Orak replied, “Absolutely! That is why, this snow castle is rebuilt every year, that too, with a different architectural design. Inside, you’ll find adorable snow sculptures, a cosy hotel, a restaurant, and a chapel. The temperature in the snow castle is always around -5°C!”
Scorch looked at the white, gorgeous castle and said, “It’s the perfect fairy-tale wonderland. Let’s go in!”