As Felix walked into the dorm, Scorch looked up from her laptop, and called out, “Hey Felix, come here. I’m looking at the latest results of the 2023 Asian Games. It started on September 23 and will go till October 8.”
Felix sat near Scorch and asked, “Why is it called Asian Games?
“That’s because only Asian countries (countries that come under the Asian continent) can participate at the Asian Games,” replied Scorch, “The Asian Games is also called Asiad and occurs once in four years. This year, the Asian Games are being held in Hangzhou, China.”
“I see,” replied Felix, “That means India is in the Asian Games since it is in Asia. Can you tell me the results so far? I want to know how India has performed.”
Scorch began, “As of now, the People’s Republic of China has dominated the Asian Games with 81 gold medals.
India stands in 5th place with 6 gold, 8 silver, and 10 bronze medals.
“This is wonderful, Scorch. Let’s wish a Mystical success to India to win more medals at the Asian Games!” remarked Felix.