MysticLord summoned a meeting. All the Mysticals rushed from their classrooms to the gigantic magical hall in their school. MysticLord took the stage and said in his baritone voice, “Dear Mysticals, I would like to talk about an eco-warrior from the human world who has pulled out 1.2 million kilograms of trash from Indonesia’s rivers.”

MysticLord paused as the gathering erupted in loud applause.  “Indonesia is an island nation in Southeast Asia,” Felix whispered into Scorch’s ears.

“Thank you! I am talking about Sam Benchegjib from Indonesia. Benchegjib grew up in Indonesia. In 2020, he observed something strange. Over time, plastic waste was on the rise in his country. Most of the plastic waste would get seeped into the water bodies.

This plastic pollution crisis worried him so much that he decided to do something about it. That’s how he started the environmental organisation and named it ‘Sungai Watch’.

Sungai Watch has since installed 180 river trash barriers. Trash barriers are like gatekeepers in the water system. They can be placed anywhere so that trash does not get carried away with the stream. These gatekeepers smartly trap plastic and let only the water flow to the other side.

Using them alone, it was reported a few days ago that Sungai Watch has managed to clean many polluted rivers by trapping over 1.2 million kilograms (2.6 million pounds) of plastic waste from getting mixed with the bodies of water.”

“Bravo! Bravo! Exairetiko! Exairetiko!” the Mysticals cheered with great enthusiasm. “What is the result of this, MysticLord,” Felix said loudly.

“Well! Well!” said MysticLord gesturing the excited lot to remain silent so that he could continue, and then MysticLord replied, “Fishes have returned to the rivers that were once inhabitable for them because of large plastic deposits. Mangrove forests have started to grow again. With no plastic, they can now breathe!

So, taking inspiration, I wish to announce that anyone who comes up with innovative methods to keep our MysticLand clean – no magic allowed – shall be rewarded!”

The Mysticals rushed back to their classrooms to ideate on making their home a cleaner and greener place.