Orak gathered the Gifted Four near his Tempus Machine and excitement filled the room as Orak shared the latest news.

“Let’s visit ISRO, the Indian Space Research Organisation,” Orak began, “It just announced that the Pragyan rover on the moon has confirmed the presence of sulphur.”

Verum raised an eyebrow, “Sulphur?”

“Sulphur is a chemical element with the symbol S, known for its yellow colour and importance in various biological processes,” Orak elucidated.

“Why is it such a big deal that there is sulphur on the moon then? It’s very common on Earth, right?” Felix asked.

Orak explained, “Sulphur is crucial because it comes from volcanic activities. Its presence can help us learn about the moon’s history and what it’s made of. Plus, it’s essential for future lunar missions. The rover has a very smart device called the Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscope, or LIBS, that can tell the scientists what elements are present in a sample!”

Scorch was curious, “What happened to the Pragyan rover after this discovery?”

Orak smiled, “After the successful landing of Chandrayaan 3 on the moon’s south pole, the Pragyan rover was exploring the lunar surface. It even encountered a four-meter diameter crater! But don’t worry, it’s now safely on a new path.”

The Gifted Four marvelled at the achievements of Chandrayaan 3 and ISRO, proud of India’s historic moment in space exploration. Everyone helped Orak set up the Tempus Machine, ready to depart for ISRO headquarters.