“It’s unbelievable! Whoa!” said Verum gazing at her crystal ball with Scorch.

“Can this be possible? Air traffic?” Orak was amused. Felix walked in and enquired about the topic.

“A huge air traffic problem occurred in Europe, Felix. Over 1,500 flights were cancelled because of the glitch. Air traffic is caused due to the continuous movement of flights from the source airport to the destination airport using set routes and distances. The NATS CEO Martin Rolfe said this was an unexpected ‘one in a million’ incident,” Scorch informed.

“National Air Traffic Services (NATS) is a British service that controls air traffic,” continued Verum, “The United Kingdom had a public holiday on August 28 and people flocked to the airports. But the passengers were stranded at several airports due to the glitch.”

“What caused the jam,” asked Orak.

“The exact problem remains unknown, but Rolfe said the investigations showed problems in their flight data, which is mostly controlled automatically. They acted swiftly and moved to manage everything manually.

London aviation analytics agency, Cirium, said over 790 departure flights and 785 arrival flights were cancelled. Michael O’Leary, the boss of Europe’s biggest airline, Ryanair, questioned why the NATS did not have a backup system.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sprang into action and stranded passengers were given help in reaching their homes as soon as possible. Though NATS solved this problem, there are still talks to find the exact problem behind this entire ruckus,” informed Scorch

“I am happy to see NATS take responsibility for the unexpected technical glitch,” replied Felix.