Orak pulled the Tempus Machine out of its shed and asked, “Our destination is India, right Felix? I thought cheetahs were extinct there.”

“Yes, it’s India,” Verum said, punching the air with enthusiasm.

Felix smiled, “I didn’t know you liked cheetahs so much!”

“Why wouldn’t I? They’re the fastest land animals. We are going to see baby cheetahs! Adorable little beings,” Verum chirped. Her friends looked at her with suspicion. That is an unusual Verum, they thought.

“You’re correct, Orak,” Felix told Orak, “Cheetahs were officially declared extinct in India in 1952. The government has been trying to reintroduce them for over a decade now. Last year, eight cheetahs were brought to India from Namibia and 12 others were brought from South Africa recently.

One of the female cheetahs from Namibia gave birth to the four cubs at the Kuno National Park wildlife sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh.”

“I am delighted to hear that. It’s brilliant news for the environment and India,” Scorch added.

“Indeed. And, more cuteness in the world!” Verum was still excited.

The Tempus Machine disappeared into thin air and landed in Kuno National Park wildlife in a few seconds.