As the Mysticals passed the beautiful Alps, riding the world-famous Bernina Express in Switzerland, Felix said, “The view is breathtaking! It might have taken years for humans to build these tracks in this landscape.”

Scorch agreed, “Felix, you might be surprised that a startup company, Sun-Ways, has plans to put solar panels in between these tracks in Switzerland.”

“Solar panels in between tracks? Interesting! Tell me more, Scorch,” insisted Felix.

Scorch began, “The Swiss railway network stretches over 2000 miles. After introducing solar panels, they can generate power of more than 1TWh (1 Terawatt hour).

Before you ask, a watt is a unit to measure the amount of power. 1 TW equals 1 trillion watts which means 1 followed by 12 zeros!”

An awestruck Felix replied, “That’s mind-blowing! So much power!”

Felix paused momentarily to breathe and said, “How will they install these solar panels? Isn’t it a time-taking process?”

“Yes, it is, Felix,” said Scorch, “That is why Sun-Ways have created a specialized train car that lays the panels like unrolling a carpet. This will reduce labor costs and save time.

Currently, there are still debates over some problems if solar panels are used. The panels will become useless if snow covers the rail tracks. Also, lots of dirt, dust, and vibrations might hinder the efficiency.”

Orak exclaimed, “Who wants to go on another exciting train trip?”