Orak joined Verum, Scorch, and Felix at the MysticLand Garden. He ruffled Felix’s hair as he sat down on the grass, “I have some news that is going to make you think about our planet too.

There is an organization called the International Court of Justice (ICJ). It is also known as the World Court. It is the only international court that settles general legal disputes or conflicts between countries.

News is that for the very first time, this international top court will advise on countries’ legal obligations to fight climate change!”

“That’s incredible! How did this happen,” Scorch asked.

“It all began four years ago when a few law students wondered how wonderful it would be to have a legal opinion to combat climate change.

The idea was good and it was then taken up by Vanuatu, an island country near Australia. Vanuatu’s people have been constantly facing harsh consequences of climate change and global warming, especially with rising sea levels. The government took this opportunity and moved the motion. In legal terms, a motion is a request proposed to the court to make a decision about a matter,” Orak answered.

“Woah! Did it get any support,” Verum prompted.

“You will be delighted to know that Vanuatu’s motion was sponsored by over 130 countries,” Orak exclaimed.

“How did it secure such overwhelming support,” Scorch was intrigued.

“It is because Vanuatu did not ask ICJ to make new laws to fight climate change. It simply asked to advise on existing laws and share its opinion so that countries could be guided. Now, the ICJ will prepare an advisory opinion that humans can use in climate court cases,” Orak explained.

Felix swirled around in the air with joy, flapping his wings, “I am delighted! This is huge, and will go a long way in controlling damage being done to our Planet Earth due to climate change!”