The four Mysticals were sprawled like starfish on the floor of their dorm room. It was so hot outside that the Mysticals had no energy to do anything!

“I am so bored,” Scorch said, “Is there any news?”

Verum nodded and said, “The Judges of the Supreme Court in London, England, have started hearing a new case. The case is about an oil spill that happened in Nigeria. The British oil company Shell was responsible for the spill. This hearing will decide if the Nigerians can ask for compensation (money paid for something that is damaged) from Shell.”

“Tell us more about this oil spill,” Felix said in a concerned voice.

“In 2011, a huge oil pipeline leaked oil off the coast of Nigeria. After several hours, the pipeline was shut down. But by then 40,000 barrels of oil leaked into the sea. It was one of the largest spills ever in the country!
The oil spill damaged the land, water supply, and shoreline of the coastal residents. It affected the livelihoods of the residents. Now, 30,000 Nigerians are asking for compensation,” Verum said.

“An oil spill occurs when oil leaks into the sea or a large body of water. It is a major environmental disaster. Oil is found under the ocean floor. Sometimes, while collecting the oil or transporting it, it gets leaked. It can be due to natural disasters such as earthquakes. Or the spill can happen due to human mistakes,” Verum told her friends.

“Oil spills badly damage the environment. It affects marine animals, birds, and even humans living near the water body even years after the disaster,” Felix added.

“When will the judges make the decision?” Orak said.

“The ruling will take months!” Verum said.

“Okay,” Scorch said and yawned. Within seconds, she was snoring!