When the four Mysticals landed in China, there were fireworks in the sky. There were bright decorations around every house. People were dressed in red and there were delicious feasts everywhere. There were dancers on the streets carrying a long and colorful dragon and performing the dragon dance.

“Wow, the Chinese people are so happy to see us. See, they are bursting crackers for us!” Felix said.

Verum laughed and said, “No, you silly pixie. This celebration is for the Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year!”

“Verum, what is Lunar New Year?” Scorch said.

Verum answered, “Lunar New Year marks the beginning of a new year. It is the most important holiday in China. Do you know that the celebrations last for two weeks? Chinese communities all over the world celebrate the festival.”

“This year, the Lunar New Year celebrations began on January 22,” Verum added.

“Verum, which year is this?” Orak said.

“It is the year 2023!” Felix answered and smiled. He was very proud of his answer.

“D’oh!” Scorch placed her hand on her face. Verum and Orak laughed.

“You’re not wrong, Felix. But Chinese New Year is named differently. Each year is represented by 12 animals such as the snake, tiger, ox, etc. This year is the Year of the Rabbit!” Verum explained.

“Oh!” Felix exclaimed. “And how do you wish a Happy New Year in Chinese?”

“There’s a special song for it. Repeat after me,” Verum said.

“Gong-Xi… Gong-Xi… Gong-Xi Ni Ya! Gong-Xi… Gong-Xi… Gong-Xi Ni!” Verum sang.

The Mysticals learned the song and sang along!