Today, Orak dragged the other Mysticals to London, England.

Orak has a weird fondness for physics. He loves contemplating the mysteries of the universe and even has a poster of Sir Isaac Newton in his room!

He could hardly contain his excitement about being in the same country as this famous physicist.

Sir Isaac Newton is known for discovering gravity, his theories on white light, and even calculus! Did you know that this great mind is from a family of farmers? When his mother tried to make him a farmer, he just failed miserably. We should all do what we are meant to do!

His uncle discovered Newton’s superpowers to understand deep concepts and convinced him to go to Cambridge university. Thank heavens he did that or this world would not have his famous and powerful theories.

Want to know one of the famous Sir Isaac Newton quotes? He said, “Truth is ever found to be in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.”