Today, the Mysticals headed out to explore Turkiye.

“What am I seeing here, Orak? You said the Temple of Artemis is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. I only see one pole in front of me,” said Felix.

“According to my The Book of Everything, this temple was once a miracle. We don’t see it now. It was built 2,500 years ago. Let me open a portal back in time,” replied Orak.

The Mysticals stepped through Orak’s portal and were awestruck! They saw a gigantic Greek temple made of marble in front of them.

“This can be a wonder of the world!” said Felix.

“There used to be a statue of Goddess Artemis inside,” Orak read from his Mystical world book, “She was known to the Romans as Goddess Diana. This temple used to have 127 marble columns. It took 120 years to complete!

In the 4th century, this temple was destroyed by a fire started deliberately by a man called Herostratus, who became one of history’s most infamous arsonists (a person who purposely starts a fire).

Alexander the Great, the Macedonian leader, was born on the very same day that the Temple of Artemis was burned down.”