“Felix, don’t always fly and hit the ball in tennis. You should stay on the ground. Come down!” shouted Scorch as Felix giggled and landed on the ground.

As Orak was about to serve, Scorch interrupted, “Mysticals, did you know that Sania Mirza is retiring from playing tennis?”

Felix said, “Sania Mirza, the Indian women’s tennis player, right? Why is she retiring?”

Scorch explained, “She had planned to retire in 2022, but she got injured. She said she announced retirement as it was becoming harder for her to train physically and mentally.

Mirza was the World Number 1 in 2015 and has won six major titles. She was India’s number 1 woman tennis player for over 10 years. She was honored with two highest civilian awards of India, the Padma Bhushan, and the Padma Shri.

She will play her last tennis tournament in February in Dubai. Currently, she is teamed up with Rohan Bopanna (an Indian tennis player) in the Australian Open. They are in the semi-final stage.”

“Wow! I hope she will win this game and make her retirement memorable,” remarked Felix and again flew to hit the ball.