The Mysticals were chilling in their dorm room. Scorch was busy reading a letter she had received from a MysticLand honorary citizen. It had traveled all the way from the human world to MysticLand through a special top-secret channel.

Scorch guffawed on reading the letter. Verum asked, “What’s making you laugh, Scorch?”

“I’ve been writing letters to the kind young humans,” said Scorch, “They follow all the happenings of MysticLand.”

“Did you tell them all this?” said a worried Verum gesturing at everything that was around, “If you did, the MysticLord isn’t going to be happy about it.”

“No, no, they’re honorary citizens. So, it’s okay,” replied Scorch, “What happened was one of these humans asked me if we were wizards or witches!”

“Wizards? Why would we be wizards?” said Felix, “We are certainly magical. But it’s Elementia magic.”

“Exactly, that’s what I thought too,” replied Scorch.

“The mention of wizards stirred my crystal ball,” said Verum, “Did you know that a city in New Zealand had its very own wizard?”

“What does that mean?” said a puzzled Orak.

“It’s an interesting story,” said Verum, “After studying sociology and psychology at Leeds University in the United Kingdom, Ian Brackenbury Channell  moved to Australia and then New Zealand in the 1960s and the 1970s respectively,” said Verum, “In Christchurch, New Zealand, he would stand on a ladder in Cathedral Square to address the people.”

“How did the authorities react?” said Scorch.

“They tried to arrest him but he was too popular. So, they declared that the square was a public speaking area,” said Verum, “He walked around the city wearing a witch’s pointy hat. In 1982, the city council announced Channell was now the ‘Wizard of Christchurch’. Later in 1990, he was appointed as the ‘Wizard of New Zealand’.”

“That’s nice,” said Felix.

“Yes! In 1998, the council started paying him NZ$16,000 (New Zealand dollars) annually to provide acts of wizardry and promotional content for Christchurch,” said Verum, “But this month, the city has ended his contract.”

“That is so sad,” exclaimed Orak, “What does the Wizard have to say about this?”

“He plans to continue making appearances across the city,” said Verum.