“Mysticals, if you were left on a deserted island, what is that one thing that you would take along?” said Felix.

“It would definitely be my crystal ball,” said Verum, “With it, I could find a way to return from the island!”

“That is an excellent plan,” said Felix, “Orak, what about you? Would you take ‘The Book of Everything’?”

The Book of Everything belongs to the Time Traveler Tribe. It contains information about everything in the world. Orak said, “The Book of Everything could be helpful on a deserted island. It would tell me how to survive, what to eat, and where to find water sources. But I don’t think I’ll go with that.”

“Then?” said Felix.

“My tempus machine, of course,” said Orak, “If I have a tempus machine at hand, I can leave the deserted island whenever I want.”

“That is super smart,” said Verum with appreciation, “That reminds me. My crystal ball fetched me interesting news. It’s not quite about a deserted island but it’s something similar.”

“Yes, go on, Verum!” said Orak, excitedly.

“Fourteen-year-old Mahesh Patrick and twenty-one-year-old Shaun Emitja were driving through a remote area in the Northern Territory outback, Australia,” said Verum, “During the four-hour drive, their vehicle sank into soft mud and couldn’t be moved. There was no one else in sight for miles and miles around.”

“Oh, no, that sounds daunting,” said Scorch, “What did they do?”

“They decided to spend the night in the car. But next day, they set off to search for water,” said Verum, “After walking the wrong way for 5 kilometers, they camped on a hill where they had found a water source.  Then, they split up and began walking. Patrick walked for 35 kilometers. He walked along a fence he’d found for two days. And then, they were rescued!”

“I am so relieved to hear that,” said Felix, “What about Emitja?”

“Patrick helped the police in an air search for Emitja. He was found a day later,” said Verum, “The interesting thing is that they had access to water only on the hill. That means Patrik spent about four days without water while Emitja spent five. And yet, they survived.”

“What a miracle!” said Scorch.