“Should we cross… aaaah…aaahhhh,” Verum was about to fall, but Felix flicked his wand and paused the moment.
“This is crazy! How do people even manage to cross here,” said Verum, standing up straight, “Thank you Felix, but please let time flow and let these busy humans cross the streets!”
“Iconic is the apt word for this unusual landmark,” chuckled Orak. The Mysticals were standing at the world-famous Shibuya Crossing in Japan.
“Every human I see is running in different directions. This is a fun thing to watch,” remarked Scorch.
“This crossing is a scrambled intersection outside Shibuya station. Filled with people, it has large screens and advertisement boards covered in lights everywhere. When traffic is moving, people fill up on every side. And when traffic stops: people jump in to cross!” explained Orak.
The Mysticals wanted to experience the fast-moving human world. They crossed all the sections and enjoyed their time in Japan!