“This is your 100th date, Felix! It’s not good to eat so many dates in one go,” Orak warned Felix.
“You parked your Tempus Machine far, far away and are making us through this land filled with yummy date trees. What can I do, I am tempted,” replied Felix feeling discouraged.
“How far is the fort, Orak,” asked Scorch.
“The sun is too hot today,” Verum said wiping off the sweat on her face.
“Here we are!” said Orak, standing in front of the famous Dhayah Fort.
“A twin-towered fort, it played a huge role in the 1819 fight between the people of the United Arab Emirates and the British,” said Orak.
“The Britishers had attacked the tribes of Ras al-Khaimah. The old fort was captured by the British troops during the Persian Gulf campaign of 1819 after a siege. Hmm, interesting,” Verum read out from her crystal ball.
“Yes. But the fort we are seeing today is the reconstructed one. It was rebuilt after 1819 and restored in the 1990s. The fort is on the highest hilltop in UAE,” informed Orak.
“It is so nice to see the lush landscape from here,” Felix said pointing at the oasis and the spectacular view from the mountains across palm trees and lands and the sea.