Orak entered the Wiggle-House Cafe and all the Mysticals and MysticBeasts gasped at once. Orak was covered in yellow from top to bottom. “What?!” Felix almost sang the word. 
“I’ve never seen Orak like this. Why is he covered in yellow and is that a happy look on his face?” Verum could not believe what she was seeing.

Scorch laughed and said, “It’s Chennai Super Kings effect. I got Orak hooked on cricket when we were watching the Indian Premier League (IPL). He rooted for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) to win the finals and it did! Orak has been out on top of the world since then.”

“Scorch, what’s IPL? Well, I know, but the MysticBeasts here don’t. They asked me to ask you,” Felix prodded.

“Sure,” Scorch obliged and said, “Indian Premier League (IPL) is a 20-over cricket game. It started in India in 2008. It happens every year. IPL has 10 teams participating in it and the top four reach the semifinals to battle for the IPL Cup.

It is a unique concept as each team has players from different countries. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been the CSK captain from the start. This year, the finale was between team CSK and team Gujarat Titans (GT). CSK won for a record fifth time! Also, the IPL final this year was watched by over 12 crore people online. It became the most-watched digital event in history!”
“That is incredible!” remarked Felix, “That’s what the MysticBeasts are saying,” Felix could understand the MysticBeasts and animals so he was interpreting, “But, now I have a question. How is Orak’s yellow related to it?”

“That’s the colour of CSK’s jersey! Since Orak is now a CSK supporter, he covered himself in yellow to show his love for the team,” informed Scorch.

“Let’s also celebrate with Orak,” exclaimed Felix as everyone joined Orak in celebrating the win.