Felix showed off his Yeezy shoes to his friends.

“Look, Mysticals! Aren’t these shoes lovely? Scorch asked me to get them from the human world. My wand does any kind of magic!” Felix winked.

Scorch said, “This is Yeezy, a collection born out of a collaboration between singer Kanye West (now known as Ye) and Adidas, the popular German sportswear brand. As per the latest news, Adidas plans to sell the remaining Yeezy shoes and donate the money to charity.”

“You mean to say Adidas is selling them? That is what they are supposed to do,” commented Orak.

“Let me enlighten you all,” Scorch gestured the other three to wait and hear her out, “As I said, Yeezy shoes are part of a West-Adidas partnership. They have been around since 2015. This partnership was a hit and the Yeezy shoes helped boost Adidas’ sales.

However, last year, West was caught up in a huge controversy. Adidas wasn’t happy with the controversy and decided to call off the partnership with West. Adidas faced a huge loss. In fact, Adidas never faced any loss of such an extent in the last three decades.

But now, Adidas wants to give away the entire stock of Yeezy shoes worth around 1.3 billion dollars! Adidas has planned to sell its merchandise, and the proceeds from sales will be used for charity,” explained Scorch in one go.

The other three nodded after understanding the entire situation.