“Have you all heard,” Orak entered the dorm hurriedly.

“Yes, we have to prepare for a project tomorrow,” said Felix. Verum and Scorch giggled.

“I know that. Recently, China banned the United States company, Micron Technology. It is a known manufacturer of memory chips. A memory chip is a very tiny piece of electronics that can store data. Similar storage chips are used in mobile phones,” Orak informed.

“But why,” asked Scorch.

“China has claimed that Micron Technology products are not secure. They are a threat to national security. Simply put, China’s cyberspace experts claimed that Micron products may not be safe and leak data crucial to national security. Micron’s chips are mostly used in smartphones and personal computers in China,” explained Orak.

“China is the world’s second-largest economy. If it puts such a ban then it will affect the company adversely,” Felix said with concern.

“Of course!” Orak strongly agreed.

“What did the company say,” Verum knew there are always two sides to a story.

“Micron said it received the notice of ban, and they are looking into the matter to conclude. The company said it will speak to the Chinese authorities,” informed Orak.

“Well, the matter is in the hands of the concerned authorities so I am sure they will be able to solve it. But I am hearing a lot about privacy concerns in the human world. I truly hope privacy and security are ensured on all devices. We live in such a digital age,” Verum expressed.

“I hope so too,” Felix agreed.