Scorch, what happened at Birmingham 2022,” said Orak. “Magic happened!” replied Scorch lifting her hand in the air as if swishing an imaginary wand. “Birmingham? Is that a code for something” said Felix, all confused. 

“They are talking about the Commonwealth Games 2022 held at Birmingham,” added Verum. 
“Oh, wonderful! Tell us everything!” said Felix. 
“We are talking about the Commonwealth Games (CWG). It is an international multi-sport event. It takes place every four years. This year, CWG took place in Birmingham, England, between July 28 to August 8,” Scorch paused when Orak asked, “Who won this year?”
“On the global medal tally scoreboard, Australia stood unbeatable at the first position with a total of 178 medals, including 67 gold medals. Followed by England (176), Canada (92), India (61), New Zealand (49)…”
“India ranked in the top 5?” Felix was happily surprised. 
“Yes! The Indian contingent collected 22 gold, 16 silver, and 23 bronze medals and raked fourth,” replied Scorch. 
“All the countries did exceptionally well, particularly India!” said Felix. 
“I doubt we can say that, Felix! Remember CWG 2018? There, India finished third with 66 medals. India has been in the top five since…,” Orak paused. He looked at Verum, rubbing his head, “Back me up with facts, Verum, will you?”  
“Since 2002!” replied Verum, “Also, don’t forget CWG 2010! That was perhaps the best medal tally ever for India…” 
Scorch interrupted Verum, “–where it finished at second spot with three-digit medal tally – 101! Both of you are absolutely right in your observations.  
India is receiving applause for winning in different fields. It is not just about the number of medals this time. Unlike in the past, shooting event was not a part of Birmingham 2022. It is noteworthy because India dominated this sport. 
Naturally, Birmingham 2022 has become a stepping stone for Indian athletes who have shone in different sports.  
Take, for instance, Avinash Sable, a steeplechase runner. He won silver. Why is this special? Because since 1998, only Kenyan runners have won every single medal in every CWG under this event. PV Sindhu won her first-ever gold in badminton women’s singles and created history.
Similarly, outstanding performances were recorded in boxing, triple jump, hockey, weightlifting, and cricket,” saying this Scorch heaved a sigh. 
“That’s actually quite an interesting insight. It is always better to have medals in different sporting events than excel in one respect alone,” said Orak, nodding his head.
“I agree! Nevertheless, congratulations to all the winning teams!” added Verum.
“Hurray!” said Felix feebly, and the other three burst into laughter.