It was a drowsy day in MysticLand. Orak and Verum had fallen asleep while reading books. Meanwhile, Scorch’s eyes were drooping as she tried to complete her homework. That’s when Felix barged into the dorm room.
“Mysticals, have you heard? Environmentalists are suing a Dutch airline for greenwashing,” announced Felix, “Greenwashing refers to a process in which companies provide false information claiming their products or services are environmentally friendly.”
“Tell us more,” said Orak with interest.
“KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is a subsidiary (a company controlled by a bigger company) of Air France. In December 2021, it launched an advertising campaign called ‘Fly Responsibly’. Under this campaign, KLM urges customers to pay extra for reforestation efforts or contribute towards greener aviation fuels under its CO2ZERO offers,” explained Felix.
“It claims,” he added, “it is working towards the goal of zero carbon emissions by 2050. However, environmental groups like Fossielvrij NL, along with environmental law charity ClientEarth and Reclame Fossielvrij filed a case against the airlines in July. They believe that the airline is misleading its customers.”
“How so?” enquired Verum.
“Well, airplanes are the most polluting form of transportation. There aren’t any fully sustainable alternatives to airplane fuels,” said Felix, “So, the pollution caused by KLM flights can’t be undone quickly enough by switching to greener fuels.
Moreover, KLM plans to go back to its pre-pandemic flight schedule. This means there will be more KLM flights in the sky. Environmentalists argue that the airline can’t become sustainable while increasing its number of flights.”
“And what does the airline have to say to that?” said Orak.
“KLM says they are complying with the existing regulations and laws regarding communication with customers,” answered Felix.
“Oh, do let us know the result of the case,” said Scorch.