“TikTok creators have been banned from creating videos in sacred sites of Nepal,” Scorch announced.
TikTok is a social media application. On this app, people make videos of themselves singing and dancing. It’s a popular app in Nepal.
“Why was it banned? And who banned it?” Verum wanted to know.
“Buddhist monks in Nepal find TikTok video creators to be a nuisance. They don’t want TikTok video creators to use sacred sites as a background for their videos.
It’s because when video creators make videos using religious places as backgrounds, it reduces the value of these holy places. It also creates a lot of noise that can disturb other pilgrims visiting the places. The sacred places are usually quiet for prayers and meditation,” Scorch informed.
“Where all are the TikTok creators banned?” Felix said.
“So far, TikTok video creators are banned in Buddhist pilgrimage sites at Lumbini, Kathmandu’s famous Boudhanath Stupa, Gadhimai temple in Bara, and Ram Janaki Temple in Janakpur.
Buddhist groups and security companies have put up “No TikTok” signs in these places. They have also installed CCTVs to keep an eye on disturbances. They have hired security guards to politely ask anyone creating TikTok videos to leave the premises,” Scorch said.
“Are TikTokers angry about this move?” Orak said.
“Not really,” Scorch said, “A TikToker said their motive is not to overexploit these sacred places. TikTok is more about being creative.”
“Yes and maybe Nepal TikTokers will find other enticing backgrounds and creative ways to make the videos elsewhere!” Orak said.