The Mysticals were sitting in a circle in the dorm room. They were silently reflecting on the news they had just heard. It was monumental. All newspaper reports said so.

“I can hardly believe that the verdict is already out. Former police officer Derek Chauvin has been found guilty on all three counts of the murder of George Floyd, 46-year-old Black man,” whispered Felix. In legal terms, to be found guilty means being held accountable for something done by the person in the court.

“The video shot by a bystander proved to be decisive evidence against Chauvin,” said Orak, “When Floyd made a purchase at a convenience store and paid with a counterfeit (fake) note, a member of the staff called the police emergency helpline. The police arrived at the scene and forcibly subdued Floyd who paid with his life.”

“What do you mean by that?” said Felix.

After reflecting, Verum joined the conversation, “It all starts with racism. Racism is when people are treated unfairly and sometimes, even harmed because of their ethnicity and skin color. Now, the police are supposed to protect people from wrongdoers. But they can be racist too. So, many times the police themselves are violent towards Black people, especially the youth.”

“I see. That’s why Chauvin ended up harming and killing Floyd,” said Felix.

“Yes, and like Floyd, there have been countless people who have lost their lives. However, when Floyd was murdered in 2020, the people decided they had had enough. So, they started protesting once again all over the country in huge numbers. These powerful protests were called ‘Black Lives Matter’. They created pressure on the courts and the government,” explained Verum.

“And they led to a swift trial and a quick verdict,” said Scorch.

“Yes, they did. The police rarely face punishment for their actions. That’s why this verdict is so important,” said Verum.

She added, “Even President Joe Biden addressed the nation and talked about the need for justice for all the people who lost their lives.”

Scorch added, “But Black people in the US are saying this is just the first step. Until this police brutality stops completely, they won’t be satisfied.”