As Verum got ready to go to school, her crystal ball pinged. “Wait for a second,” Verum told her crystal ball. She was busy packing her school bag. But the crystal ball started blaring. It turned red!

“Uh, oh,” Verum rushed to her crystal ball and read the news. She announced to her friends, “On February 6, two major earthquakes hit Turkiye and Syria!”

“Oh, my MysticLord!” Felix exclaimed.

“Turkiye and Syria are countries in Asia,” Scorch added.

“Earthquakes are a natural disaster. There are huge rocks under the surface of the earth. When they move, the ground shakes in the form of an earthquake. Earthquakes are usually followed by smaller earthquakes known as aftershocks,” Orak explained and asked, “How is the situation in Turkiye and Syria?”

Verum shook her head, “The situation is bad. The earthquakes were so huge that buildings collapsed like a pack of cards! More than 20,000 people have lost their lives. Thousands more are injured.”

“Even after so many days, rescue operations are still ongoing. Many people are stuck in the rubble,” Verum added, “But it’s raining and snowing heavily in many parts of Turkiye. It is making the rescue missions tough.”

“This is devastating,” Felix said, “I hope they are able to rescue more and more people.”

“Many countries have sent help to Turkiye and Syria. India has sent rescue personnel, sniffer dogs, medical team and equipment, and other emergency supplies,” Verum informed.